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GEGETLISTID gets the list title, description, number of items in the list, the list items (and optionally the ability to turn that output off) and of course, the List ID! GEGETLISTID works against a site, so you must enter the url of the site when running the command.

Note. Two versions available, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

Trying to extract a GUID from a list directly is a hassle. And for an administrator, getting this information to developers over and over again could be a constant battle. The quick method (ahem) would be to give whoever wanted the GUID Design Rights to the List so they could use the ahem ‘Famous’ hack of extracting it from the List Settings, or doing some fantastic workaround extracting bits from the URL (another ahem)...

I thought, aha, a script sounds better, but lets give it some options!

This product allows an extaction of all Guids including title, description and even list items from all components in a Site Collection. This is brilliant because then you can provide developers with all the information they need concerning List Ids, you can also see their content, web parts, etc that has been exposed on the site. And you can use this utility in determining the structure of the team site in terms of what components have been exposed and the kind of content they hold...

An upgrade is being written which will traverse an entire site collection and will include even more information about each list (via switches).

The output can be pushed to a text file of your choice; by default the output goes to GEGETLIST.TXT

Command Usage:
Usage: -u <url> -x -f filename
Operations and Parameters:
-u The URL of the Site
-x Dont list items in the lists
-f Output to this file name - default is GEGetListID.txt

GEGETLIST -u http://mysharepointsite/teamsite
GEGETLIST -u http://mysharepointsite/teamsite -x
GEGETLIST -u http://mysharepointsite/teamsite -x -f fileName.txt

The -u parameter must be filled - you must enter a valid url to check against.

Full information on how to use this utility is located at on my blog at:

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Geoff Evelyn,

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